After you have opened a 3D PDF file do the following to view the model.

  1. Find the model tree on the left and right click on the name of the model.
  2. Select -Fit Visible-
  3. Hover over the viewing window to find the drop down menu and click on the color selector that should be Black, and set the background to any other color, for best viewing.
  4. In that drop down menu click on the Blue and Green box called Model Render Mode, and select Solid Outline, or any of the Wireframe options (They are kind of fun).
  5. Use the navigation tools on the left half of the drop down menu to move the model on the screen by a left mouse click and hold on the model and then move your mouse.
  6. In the Model Tree select and unselect the components of the model to turn them on and off to better view an assembly.

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