I create 3D models from many different sources of data, including everything from rough sketches to the reproduction of an existing part.

I can work with any of the following:

  • Rough sketches from a napkin to a hand line drawing
  • 2D CAD drawings
  • Manufacturers technical drawings
  • Physical model
  • 3D scanned file of an original model

I have a working relationship with several local vendors, that I hire to produce physical models on various 3D Printing machines. When the project calls for highly detailed models, such as for cast reproduction copies, I have the master physical models produced on a state of the art Projet 3500 HD Max 3D Printer, that utilizes a photo-polymer to build in .0006″ layers (1600 layers per inch of height) by 750 x 750 dpi in the x-y axis.

3D Printed 15.5cm Gun Turrets minus Barrels (actual size is aprox 1"x1.5"

3D Printed 15.5cm Gun Turrets minus Barrels (actual size is aprox 1″x1.5″

This machine creates models with incredible surface detail that require very little prep to make them presentation ready. These parts are durable enough for light functional testing, and proof of concept testing. They can be painted and metal plated if desired. If your parts are to be die-cast or injection molded, I can use the printed parts as a master to make silicone molds that I will use to cast copies out of low temp metal alloys or thermoset resins, for more destructive testing.

Projet 3D Printed Yamato Battleship 46cm Gun Turret

Projet 3D Printed Yamato Battleship 46cm Gun Turret with before dewaxing

This machine prints two separate materials, a resin and a wax support material for undercuts and overhangs, this support material is then removed by melting it away from the model in a special oven.

Your parts files can also be sent to any machine shop to be milled out of engineering grade plastics or metals.

I also design and build custom machines for manufacturing.


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