Willys Jeep Emblem CAD Model

Willy Jeep CAD Model

I received a request to work with a CAD model that my client had created with the owner of a vintage restored Willy’s Jeep.

Their idea for this design was, “What would Willy’s do for their emblem, if they did it today?”

Polyjet 3D Printed Models

Polyjet 3D Printed Models

I took their design and had it printed on a Polyjet 3D Printer in three different sizes for various locations on the Willy’s Jeep. I lightly sanded them and applied a clear coat finish.

Willys Jeep Emblems cast in Pewter and sanded

Willys Jeep Emblems cast in Pewter and sanded

I used these models to create a mold that I then used in my Centrifugal Spin Casting Machine to cast copies of them out of Pewter.

I embedded threaded inserts in the mold before I cast the medium, and large ones to allow them to be fastened in place on the Willy’s Jeep, and I attached wires to the small ones for plating purposes. I then sanded them so that they could be polished, and Chrome Plated.

Large M Emblem Custom Framed

Large Pewter M Emblem Custom Framed

I made another copy of the large version, sanded it, applied a clear coat and framed it as a gift for a friend whose name begins with an M.


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