Several years ago, I worked with Sun Chaser Products, on the Bella D’Vine wine glass holder, and the Bevi Pro beverage holder.

Bella in the sand

The Bella D’Vine consists of a base with prongs inside that gently hold onto your wine glass or any other stemware. There are 3 attachments, a peg to press into the ground or sand, a strap that holds the Bella D’vine onto a round or flat bar, such as a rail, or seat arm, and a suction cup base that attaches to any smooth surface, such as a hot tub, or boat deck.

Chair arm attachment
Suction cup attachment

It will also store stemless wine glasses.

Stemless option with suction cup base

This product is injection molded in ABS plastic, is sturdy, durable and is a great addition to any outdoor activity that involves drinking wine! It is available through Amazon!

I have many years of experience designing for injection molding, spin casting, and prototyping in general.

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