I received a request from a local Bakery, that was having quality control issues on their bread line. I designed a loaf of bread to represent their ideal loaf of bread, and from that I designed what I call the short loaf, which is a half inch shorter than the ideal loaf.

FDM 3D Printed Short Loaf Model

FDM 3D Printed Short Loaf

I had this model printed on a Dimension FDM 3D printer in ABS, and filled it with an expanding foam, which I sanded, primed and painted with textured paint. It is a very accurate model, however it wasn’t quite durable enough for the bread line.

Bread mold and Short Loaf

Bread mold and Cast Flex-it Foam Urethane Short Loaf

I then made a model of a mold that I had printed on a Fortus FDM 3D printer in Polycarbonate, which I sanded, primed and painted the inside with a textured paint. I used this mold to cast copies of the short loaf in a urethane flex-it foam, that looks like a loaf of bread and is tough enough to withstand being dropped and abused on the bread line.

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