Hi, my name is Grey Andren, and I live in the beautiful Portland, Oregon area.

I had been operating a custom European style cabinet shop, since 1989. I first started working with CAD software in 1994 to help with the creation of my custom cabinet designs, and have used it to design custom kitchens and help clients visualize their dream kitchen.

 Grey Andren

Grey Andren

Many years ago, I began searching for 3D CAD software to assist with the creation of my own product ideas. I currently use SpaceClaim direct modeling software, as it accommodates my intuitive design style. SpaceClaim allows for free form thought that is not encumbered by the restrictions of other “history based” CAD software. SpaceClaim is very strong in Blends, and Sweeps creating models that are sleek and flowing. It handles complex curves as well as more geometrically based forms. Over the years I have also designed and built custom woodworking machines that I have used in my cabinet shop, and have always enjoyed inventing new products.

I have a passion for the creative invention process, and a desire to help others realize their own product ideas.

Contact me, for a no cost evaluation of your project, as I would love to hear about it!

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