Do you have a great idea for a product that you would like to take to market?

Are you ready to take your parts to the prototype level?

Would you like assistance with the creation of 3D Printed models?

Are you looking for someone to design your parts to be injection molded?

Do you have a need for Sand Casting Patterns?

Whatever your inventions needs are, you are at the right place!

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Where you will find creations by Grey Andren!

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This website is for any individual or business that would like assistance with the creation of 3D virtual CAD models, Part Reproduction, Urethane casting, 3D Printed models, and Rapid Prototyping, for the purpose of taking their invention ideas to market, or for any other purpose that virtual or physical models would be of benefit.

Bella D’Vine with strap attachment!

Bella D’Vine is a successful product that I designed in 2014, to be produced via injection molding.
It can be found on
Bella D'Vine

No more spilled Wine with suction cup attachment

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